I make multimedia collage and sculptural work created with found print media materials including but not limited to, books, Hollywood glossy portraits, and other various image sources. These materials are manipulated in serial and process specific sets that include divergent types of interventions, including sewing, cutting, gluing and painting. The basis of my work comes from the idea that history is hysterical: it is constituted only if we consider it, only if we look at it -and in order to look at it, we must be excluded from it. This is the position that I take when collecting and working with found print media based materials. I take on the role of callow collector and curator of my own cabinet of media curiosities. My work aims to re-contextualize and subvert these visual systems as a means of disturbing the narrative. My interventions on images and objects question the conventions and authority of their source material and detour their nostalgic simulacra.  I am interested in unearthing the consensual relationship that has been imposed upon these informational narratives. Through my work, I am deeply invested in the role that photography has played in our culture and constructions of our reality.