Industrial Mythology: Fictions of an Industrial Past.

With the industrial revolution ushering in an age of control of nature we saw a new projected way of life that had never been dreamt of before. Buildings that rose up from the ground to scrape the sky, materials harder than stone easily manipulated into any form that could be conjured and a level of artificiality that would seep into our imaginations and replace the dreams of natural forms.  In early alchemy Homunculi were creatures that were made outside of the natural means of producing life. These humanoids were the result of men medaling behind doors creating life that could exist because of their control over the elements. The industrial age was the first tangible manifestation of these Alchemical philosophies. Men of both science and industry detached themselves from the possible manifestations of the existing world and allowed the creation of a new one beyond the binds of nature. Buffalo with its rich industrial past is a perfect example of this history, with its mega grain processing and storing facilities, miles of rail, and inclusion and dependency on that artificial vein of life blood known as the Erie Canal. This was a city born of and by the manipulation of nature and with the slow departure of all those unnatural forms we are left to re-inhabit the abandoned husks of the spaces it use to occupy. The following animation and installation is my rendition of taking this historical past and creating a mythology out of it. I broke down the major manmade/interventions on  basic elements from the early industrial history (concrete, electricity, water, steel) and made them into mythological deities that haunt these abandoned spaces.

One channel from a 3 channel animation and sound installation for the

Regional Artist Access Residency at Squeaky Wheel Film and Media Arts Center,

Buffalo NY 2014


Documentation of 3 Channel video and sound installation for “Industrial Mythology”

electricity58 steel



water48 concrete73